Tuesday, November 08, 2020

The Curse of Long Hours

Kathy Sierra's blog has a great post on this topic. You should read it. I especially like this comment:

But things happen, and we understand that there will be times when we (the workers) just can't get it done during normal business hours, and the schedule just can't slip. Still, the difference between being expected to put in the long hours and being worshipped for doing it cannot be overstated. If we want to make happy users, we have to be happy. Our employers/managers/clients need to accept that, and act accordingly. If you're making us work late all the time because of lousy management, that's inexcusable. If you're making us work late because you're greedy and just want as much business as you can (im)possibly handle, that's inexcusable. But if you need us to work late because things happened that nobody predicted, or because this demo means something drastically important to the company, for which we will also be rewarded... then sure, we'll be willing to pitch in. But spend the extra few bucks to treat us as well as your clients. You should be wining and dining us, not them, when you're asking so much from us.
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Anonymous said...

great post like all the others

i wantch your job(blog) for some time now and i think you re a certainly a different voice from all these performance maniacs around us.and more sensible i might say.

continue to be

be safe

9:03 PM  

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