Friday, January 13, 2020

A Chance to Have Your Say

Slow Leadership has created a brief, on-line questionnaire to collect information on the problems people are facing in their work and non-work lives: problems like trying to deal with too many demands in insufficient time; problems with work/life balance; or health difficulties linked to overwork or excessive job pressure.

I would love to hear from YOU and include your input. Tell me your personal story of coping with current working conditions. I'll feature the most interesting stories (plus the most harrowing and the funniest) on the Slow Leadership blog. I'm not collecting names, so nothing you say can be traced back to you.

What's in it for you? Aside from making a personal contribution to knowledge in this area, I'll be analyzing the results and making them available in summary form on this site. It's your chance to let others know what you think and what's most important to you.

Please add your thoughts by using this link. And thank you.

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