Thursday, July 13, 2020

Is a Change Coming?

Management Issues web site reports the results of a survey that suggests even corporate high fliers are becoming sickened with today’s unbalanced attitudes to work.

According to a survey of 1,311 executives, conducted in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC):
  • More than half (53 per cent) report that they do not have a satisfactory work-life balance.

  • 46 per cent believe their work-life balance had changed for the worse over the past five years.

  • Six out of 10 say technologies such as the BlackBerry and mobile phone are further eroding the boundaries between work and personal life.

So far, so predictable. What is more interesting is that 56 per cent of those questioned said that they would strongly consider refusing a promotion if it negatively affected their work-life balance, and almost nine out of 10 said that work-life balance considerations are critical in their decision whether to join, or remain with, an employer.

Are the worms at last beginning to turn?

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CDWOS said...

Interesting results.
Having been in and around the finance industry all my working life it confirms/supports what I have felt for ages.....Increasing numbers of "well paid" people are leaving 'finance' to do "real" jobs that give real satisfaction and demand a realistic work-life balance on the basis that the more balance, the happier/more contented you are and therefore the more productive you are.

I always remember being surprised by the Danish (?) approach - your contract is 9.00 to 5.00 there is therefore something wrong with the Company and it's management if you have to consistentely work longer hours (special exceptional projects were exempted/excused fromthis public perception)

We shall see but the switch to having a "life" has definitely begun......


1:04 AM  
Tiago Silveira said...

I've been working for a company where we value this balance a lot. We are experiencing great returns, the most satisfying being the increase of the quality of the negotiations with clients. We are getting more realistic projects and more solid budgets, which in turn makes it easier to maintain this balance.

Hey, maybe you should interview our project manager, Dietmar Temps! He's definitely a slow leader.

4:19 PM  

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