Slow Leadership is looking for one or two regular guest authors

Until now, I have written every posting on this blog—more than 450 articles to date. I’ve enjoyed doing it, but there comes a time when a single viewpoint starts to become a limitation on developing further. Since I am now retired, I am also conscious that my day-to-day knowledge of what is happening in the world of work will become more out-of-date with every passing month.

I’ve therefore decided to look for one or two guest authors to take up regular slots on this blog: people who are totally in tune with the objectives and outlook that have been my guiding principles, but who can bring fresh thinking and perspectives as well.

I’ve been a guest blogger myself for almost two years and I’ve found it to be an excellent way to encourage new readers to try my own blog. It’s also helped me to establish a wider reputation in the blogging community.

About the blog

Slow Leadership is one of the leading workplace-related blogs, with a large and dedicated audience throughout the world. In the two years since it was started, it has built up a reputation for innovative, thoughtful, objective, and creative posts. Guest-posting here will expose your writing to an important, rapidly-growing audience of intelligent, thinking people.

Its purpose is to help people find ways to work that promote a civilized atmosphere in their workplace, based on giving everyone there due respect as individuals with needs and aspirations beyond the purely working aspects of their lives. In particular, the blog focuses on finding ways to promote a pace and style of work that is consistent with time spent at work being happy and satisfying, not just a financial necessity.

Basic requirements

I’m looking for experienced bloggers with excellent writing skills: people who can make an article grab the reader’s attention and hold their interest.

You must be able to write literate, grammatical, correctly-spelled and punctuated English, and be able to demonstrate a high level of expertise relevant to whatever topic you want to write about. You must also be willing to contribute on a regular basis: anywhere between once a month and once a week.

Where you live and work is unimportant. I am English and live in the USA. The blog has large readerships in both of those countries, but also important, much-valued readerships in Australia and New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the Baltic States, and India—to name but the largest groups. If I have any preference, it is for people with a very different background from my own and each other. Diversity is, in my view, an enormous strength. A few more female bloggers in this topic area of leadership and the workplace would be interesting.

Next steps

If you would like to find out more, and perhaps submit one or two trial postings, please send an e-mail to [email protected]. I’d like to see some specimens of your articles, so please include a URL where I can find them.

The final choice will depend as much on reader reaction as my own. The key to a successful blog is to maintain a consistently high standard of content that people will trust and wish to read on a regular basis. In the end, it’s the readers who must deliver their verdict by the way they respond to some trial articles from the shortlisted candidates.

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