Tuesday, October 18, 2020


Welcome to the Slow Leadership site.

Leadership is a demanding activity. It takes intelligence, courage, determination and honesty. It also takes time. Time to consider the facts and reflect on what they mean. Time to search out alternatives. Time to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each one. Time to reach a sound decision and make sure everyone concerned knows what they need to do.

Speed has become an almost universal assumption. Faster is better, we're told. From Fast Food to Instant Messaging, we're caught up in a world where immediate action drives out the possibility for reflection. We reach for instant answers, driven by constant pressure to do more in less time.

Slow Leadership is all about finding ways to take the time it needs to become the leader you want to be. Maybe some of the fear and frustration leaders feel comes from knowing they have no time to deal with difficult situations properly. That it’s better always to play safe because they know they can’t devote the time needed to handle tough situations properly. They mush choose quick, inadequate, but safe, and ignore slower, riskier, but ultimately better.

If speed is causing us to miss the mark and create a less satisfying working environment for everyone, leaders should get together and advocate a different approach.

That's “Slow Leadership:” showing leaders how to choose what needs to be done and give it whatever time it deserves.

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