Saturday, November 12, 2020

On the Road

I'm on the road next week, with limited Internet access, so postings will be shorter than usual. I'll try to keep to the usual schedule, but that may not prove possible. To fill the gap, I've decided to draw your attention to some ideas and writing that anyone interested in Slow Leadership should find useful.

In Take Back Your Time: Fighting Overwork and Time Poverty in America, edited by John de Graaf, Carol Ostrom's has an article called "Jobs to Share" that makes the case for job sharing, based on her personal experience of trying to sell the idea to skeptical bosses.

Here's what she learned the hard way:
"Lesson Number One: Getting a job share is not about you. It's never about you, no matter what our company says. It's about your company's needs.

Two: To get one, you'll need to figure out what the job share is about, from your company's perspective.

Three: Once you get the job share, the real work, especially the PR work, will begin.

Four: It's not going to be easy to teach those you work with to appreciate the benefits of your job share."

Her article is worth reading, whether you're contemplating a job share yourself or wondering whether to allow people in your team to work that way.

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