Tuesday, January 17, 2020

Think Big?

The British Centre for Economic Performance has seemingly found that, by and large, big, well-managed companies with a global reach provide a happier work/life balance for their employees.

The survey of more than 700 companies in France, Germany, the UK and U.S. found that good people management practices, such as fostering talent, rewarding and retaining well performing staff, and offering training, were also likely to be found alongside good work/life practices.

And here's an interesting point: no relationship was found between tougher competition and work/life balance, or between productivity and work/life balance.

It seems the worst offenders in the work/life balance arena were smaller companies with poor management. No surprises there! It shouldn't have needed a survey to show badly run businesses are the ones most likely to chain their people to their desks and ignore the human aspects of work in favor of a quick buck.

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zinger said...

You probably already know about this and you might have seen the post. But there was an article on slow design at the TEDblog -http://tedblog.typepad.com/tedblog/2006/01/michael_bierut_.html.Slow can be the way to go

12:05 PM  
Carmine Coyote said...

Thanks, zinger. Slow may be the next fast!

4:07 PM  

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