Tuesday, October 24, 2020

Save Time for What Matters by Delegating Better

Penelope Trunk at Brazen Careerist has two interesting posts on the topic, beginning with Save what matters by delegating what doesn't She says
Look at your life for the things that are not at the core. Admit that the core is small. Question everything you think you need to do yourself. It comes down to how much are you willing to give up control, and how much you value your time.
Delegation is often misunderstood. It also hits at the core of what drives many of today's management practices, which is an obsession with control.

I particularly liked this quote from the second post:
This is a great opening to talk about one of the most misunderstood parts of delegating: You should delegate your most important work and keep the crappiest work for yourself. This way the people you delegate to will love what they are doing, and they will appreciate how much trust you have in them. You should do the crappy work yourself because it is so hard to lead people effectively if you are giving them crap to do.

If you are worried that they won't do a good job on the important stuff, then coach them. Management does not mean getting the crap work off your plate to make time for important work. It means doing the crap work and doing a lot of coaching, and, if you're really good, making time to take on projects to expand your own skills.
It's worth reading what she says in full.

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