Is the boss a real piece of work?

“Lawmakers across the country are considering legislation that would give workers grounds to sue their superiors for being, basically, jerks. Bookstores are stocking bad-boss advice tomes, including “Snakes in Suits” and “Was Your Boss Raised by Wolves?” Today the AFL-CIO will name the worst boss in the country, based on the results of an online contest. Are relations between workers and management really in such an awful state?” [Read more >>]

Turn off and switch on

“Here’s an idea. Before you start reading this, reach into your pocket or bag, find your mobile phone and press the “off” button. Now I realize for a lot of you this won’t be easy. Some of you, I’m sure, are breaking out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of it. Others will be shaking their heads incredulously at the outrageousness of my suggestion.” [Read more >>]

Who wants to be a middle manager?

“Research shows waning interest in middle-management jobs and higher levels of dissatisfaction among those holding the positions. Just four in 10 managers are extremely or very satisfied working for their employers, according to a 2007 survey of more than 1,400 respondents by Accenture, a management consulting and outsourcing company. About 25% of those looking for new jobs said they were searching because of a lack of advancement prospects, and 43% of middle managers polled felt as if they were doing all the work but not getting credit for it. One-third reported frustration with their work-life balance.” [Read more >>]

Agreement and trust

“Peter Block, author of The Empowered Manager, noted that the apparent power of those at the top is much less than absolute. What leaders can do from the top down depends on the will of those below. Block recommended that leaders analyze their relationship with each of their essential people by asking two questions: 1. How much do I trust them? 2. How much do I agree with them? Block then offered this grid to help leaders think about how to build support for change initiatives: . . .” [Read more >>]

17 Tricks to reclaim your stolen attention

“Time is not money. Attention is money. Not just money, attention is life itself. Where you pay attention doesn’t just impact your bank account but the quality of life itself. With the colorful buzz of television, downpour of e-mail messages and endless stresses it is time to reclaim what has been stolen from you.” [Read more >>]

Work-life readings worthy of summer

“Here’s a grab-bag of new titles that especially fit these last days of summer, when our thoughts turn to carpools and apples, deadlines and briefcases, and perhaps yearnings for a bit more time and connection. While diverse, these books have something in common: They can help us to adapt to and effect change.” [Read more >>]

Seven signs that your career has stalled

“Have you recently found your mind might turn to that question we often ask ourselves — just where is my career taking me? Is it time for you to get your career back on track? Here are seven signs that you can identify your career has stalled and actions you can take to overcome them: . . .” [Read more >>]

Who’s average if you’re not?

“Today Rowan Manahan in Dublin, asked … who’s average … and Rowan’s post made me wonder about this compelling question from a different light. From a Business Week survey on workplace attitudes, Rowan pointed out that 90% of 2000 surveyed middle managers ranked their performance in the top 10%. Executives too, placed themselves very near the very top.” [Read more >>]

Nothing special about achieving gender equality

“Work-life balance policies and flexible working are among the most fruitful tactics for creating an environment where women can thrive, and progress to more senior positions if that is what they want.” [Read more >>]

Interesting work top factor sought in next job

“The No. 1 thing employees are looking for in their next job: interesting work, according to 29 per cent of nearly 1,000 people polled in 33 countries, the bulk in the United States. Tied next for what people most want in their next position were meaningful work and work/life balance, cited by 18 per cent each, according to the survey by global consulting firm BlessingWhite Inc.” [Read more >>]

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