Corporate culture runs up against the reality of work-life balance

“Focus isn’t the problem. Every organization, public and private, should keep an eye on the bottom line. The question is whether a model that incurs a dropout rate of experienced, talented women that’s twice the rate of men makes any business sense. One estimate put the cost of an associate’s departure — taking into account recruitment, training and severance — at $315,000.” [Read more >>]

Ways to restore harmony and reduce stress

“If your work life and personal life are out of balance, your stress may be running high . . . To take control, first consider how the world of work has changed, then reevaluate your relationship to work and apply these strategies for striking a more healthy balance.” [Read more >>]

A brief guide to active living and workload management

“The behaviors that have led you to passive living happen because of your beliefs. We all behave in accordance with our beliefs. Therefore to change your way of life you must first change your mind.” [Read more >>]

[Read more >>]

Modern work?

“I recommend the Stanford podcast “Doing Good Work” (available on iTunes) for anyone thinking about work/life balance. Joanne B. Ciulla, author of The Working Life: The Promise and Betrayal of Modern Work, gave a particularly polished presentation. She questioned the gap between ‘forced leisure’ for many at the bottom of the income scale and nonstop work for some at the top.” [Read more >>]

How to not suck as a boss

“Ever work under a maniacal boss who kicks you to the curb when something goes wrong? In our opinion, most bosses have little grasp on how to properly manage people, let alone run a business or an organization.” [Read more >>]

The workplace wish-list

“American workers have a very simple wish-list. They want to be paid more, they want better healthcare coverage and, above all, they want greater respect from their managers.” [Read more >>]

Fighting stress with food

“If you think about it, we all “self-medicate” during stressful times — upping caffeine intake to keep wired, stuffing in the sugar for comfort or quaffing wine to calm down. Eating lentils will not solve financial worries, stop the baby crying or repair a broken relationship, but making careful food choices in moments of strength can help your body through times of strife.” [Read more >>]

Slow cook your business goals for success

“The best tasting food is slow cooked. If you cook food too fast it’s often not as savory. The best success is also slow cooked. Building success slowly over time allows you to do things right the first time, allows time for reflection, time to enjoy the process, and time to enjoy your life. In the rare cases when success happens fast it can be an exhilarating and heady time, but also extremely stressful.” [Read more >>]

Rebound from overload

“Overwhelmed feelings are a bit like panic attacks to your brain … in that they pull the floor out beneath you. No wonder solutions flee for the moment. The panicked brain sends back messages that there is no place good to go – and we tend to believe it. Luckily your brain is holds extraordinary talents for tackling problems that come from being overwhelmed.” [Read more >>]

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