Monday, October 24, 2020

Hey, I Can Take It!

Read through these descriptions. How many of them would fit you?

If you said "yes" to nine or more of these descriptions, you're in serious workaholic doodah. Between six and nine is still pretty bad karma. The ideal answer would be none.

Speed and pressure are addictive. They set off brain chemicals that make you feel alert and alive. They give you a short-term high. Nature needed to make humans go all out sometimes. Maybe when a sabre-toothed tiger was about twenty feet behind, or some ugly cave guy was starting to lift his club. No point then in feeling slow, weak or passive.

Of course, you pay for it later, but in the caveman world that hardly mattered. You could sleep off the effects (if you survived). It didn't happen too often. Maybe you even got to brag about it.

Today's leaders operate on overdrive the whole time. If the pressure drops, they feel anxious. As soon as the high is gone, payment falls due. Quick! Grab some more pressure! Get another high. Restore what's come to feel normal.

The pressure is real. You can't simply turn it off. You aren't imagining it, but you don't have to make it worse either. "Taking it" isn't a badge of honor. After a while, it's a sign you've lost a sense of proportion — or worse.

The first and most important step in Slow Leadership is to stop sleeping with the enemy. Don't add to the pressure by inviting it in.

Breaking any addiction is tough. Cold turkey is painful and frightening. You'll maybe need help and support. But it's going to be worth it. There's no chance whatever of breaking the cycle of pressure and workaholic responses until you do.

What would you rather take? More of the same or the first step to a way out?

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I agree with your statements there, but i m interesting more in solutions.What i think is the first step to escape from all that(after the realization of course) is to try and lower our consumerism.Trying to make a distinction between our natural vital needs and artificial not vital needs can lead to a level of life which is low enough not to need all this extra work, that the system wants us to load on ourselves.
Adrian - Great post and I love the new blog. Check out my "review" at:


Kevin :)

What you say is true to many people's experience. This site is about solutions: in many cases distinguishing between what we need as leaders and what fashion tries to put on us.
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