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Posted on 07 August 2020

Introducing a new ‘author’ for Slow leadership

Ever since we moved to Arizona, I have had a soft spot for coyotes. We see them fairly often around here, at all times of day. We hear their ‘concerts’ in the early evening, especially in Spring, when the high-pitched yips of the pups are added to the howling and yapping of their elders. Most look well fed and in good condition — though that doesn’t stop them from being a significant threat to people’s small pets.

Most of you will already know that Coyote is a major figure in much Native American folklore. He’s a trickster, a bit of a rogue, always trying new ways to avoid effort and often getting into problems as a result. But he’s also a significant part of the creation, often adding oddities and creating quirks and alterations in the Creator’s designs — more often than not to the benefit of mankind.

This ambivalence — part rogue and joker, part wise and creating spirit — was what drew me to the character of Coyote in the first place. It seemed particularly relevant to our world today, where few things are quite what they seem and even the best of intentions tend to run into the law of unexpected consequences. We certainly need wisdom, but not always of the all-too-serious, moralistic kind typically handed out by academic professionals and self-appointed gurus alike. We need something more earthy and practical — and hopefully more fun to hear about.

That’s why, some time ago, I began to write my own, modern Coyote Tales. This is something of a cheek for an Englishman — appropriating an Native American character — but, in the spirit of Coyote himself, I did it anyway.

These are the stories I’ll be sharing with you as podcasts. Some are fairly light-hearted, some more serious, but all of them try to carry a message for these times; usually the kind of message that I hope Coyote would approve of for its irreverence for conventions and subversive nature.

“Coyote Teaches Time Management”

The first story is called “Coyote Teaches Time Management” and you can listen to it here or find it on iTunes. I hope you enjoy it.

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Carmine Coyote - who has written 251 posts on Slow Leadership.

Carmine Coyote is the founder and editor of Slow Leadership, with a career that stretches from early employment as an economist, through periods in government service, academia and several multinational companies, to retiring as CEO of a US consulting company and partner in a large business services firm. Carmine now lives in Arizona, but is British for all that.

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6 Comments For This Post

  1. Denise says:

    Hi C

    Love the podcast and the story. Most of the development work we do is off line currently and storytelling is a great way to help people get into the moment and move from present to desired state.
    “Time management” is a hot topic. In a recent survey we conducted on line.One of the key challenges was how to get everything done. Comming from a mindset that everything actually needs doing?

    Something that I now appreciate that it actually doesn’t! I focus much more now on managing energy rather than time . As one you can control the other you can’t.

    I am not a total geek yet! How do I download the podcast to my pc? Without going into itunes?

    Best Wishes


  2. Carmine Coyote says:

    Glad you enjoyed the story, Denise.

    I’m checking out whether you can download the mp3 file direct (not via iTunes) or whether I need to do anything differently on the site to make this possible (I’m not a geek either — plus I’m a Mac user).

    Keep reading, my friend.

  3. Borislav Sabev says:

    Just … marvellous story. I’m eager for more, they are real gold lumps.

    Keep writing and podcasting!


  4. Carmine Coyote says:

    Thanks, Borislav. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Keep reading, my friend.

  5. Gary says:

    Very enjoyable podcast.

    Just found your Slow Leadership website and I think it’s great.



  6. Carmine Coyote says:

    Thanks, Gary. I’m glad you liked it. Keep reading, my friend.

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