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Speaking with integrity

Posted on 30 November 2020

This guest posting is by Douglas Ross, who describes himself as a displaced Canadian now living in Georgia, awaiting his green card. You can read more of his ideas at
Over 1800 years ago, Marcus Aurelius said “If it is not right, do not do it. If it is not true, do not say [...]


Workplace loyalty cuts both ways

Posted on 29 November 2020

Organizations need to be loyal too
I suspect that one of the main reasons why so many people put up with long hours, constant demands to increase output, and even Hamburger Management is simply loyalty: loyalty to colleagues and friends, loyalty to a workplace, even corporate loyalty.
The trouble is that organizations don’t appear to have [...]

Beware of believing your own hype

Posted on 28 November 2020

How to cut your stress by staying humble and practicing detachment
Why shouldn’t you believe your own hype and act as if you’re someone truly important? You’re doing a key job. You have people working for you—perhaps quite a lot of them. You’re responsible for a great deal of money and extensive corporate resources. People look [...]

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Building a balanced life

Posted on 27 November 2020

Don’t fall for wrong ideas about work/life balance
In many ways, the most important principle of Slow Leadership is building a balanced life between work, housekeeping, and leisure. It isn’t an easy task, especially in the present climate. But it isn’t being helped by the advice that’s given to look for answers in al the wrong [...]

Playing the game

Posted on 26 November 2020

Treating life as a game carries far higher risks than you might imagine
A good many of today’s problems arise because of people’s tendency to treat life as a game, in which game plans, tactics, and even dirty tricks count for more than reality. It’s time we all stopped deluding ourselves like this, or the outcome [...]

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Work choices and happiness

Posted on 23 November 2020

The nature of the work you do may be more important to happiness than how much you earn
Even if we can’t yet persuade business and politicians that their obsession with money as the sole measure of worth is self-destructive and ruinous to society at large, most people’s feelings of self-worth have rather less to do [...]

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Delegation is art and science

Posted on 21 November 2020

Delegation. Does the word evoke strong, perhaps other-than-positive, emotions in you? If it does, you’re not alone. If there is a single most misunderstood or misused concept in business, the delegation process is the leading candidate.
Repairing or refining how delegation works in an organization may be the biggest bang-for-the-buck in organizational [...]

Are we losing our understanding of trust?

Posted on 19 November 2020

It’s a mistake to underestimate the importance of trust to a civilized life
If you google the word “trust,” it can be a surprising experience. I was more than 20 pages into the results before meeting a single instance of trust in the sense of belief in something or someone.
There were all types of financial [...]


The continuing curse of the “Practical Man” (Part 2)

Posted on 16 November 2020

Why we need to wake up to how many commonsense management ideas are nothing of the kind
In the first part of this series, I explored the “Practical Men” who opposed the ideas of the great British economist Lord Keynes. Their economic dogmas — not unfamiliar today — included the beliefs that reducing wages would cut [...]


Right Gratitude

Posted on 15 November 2020

The seventh of the principles of Slow Leadership
Most of what we have in life hasn’t been earned. We were given it by someone else. Our life itself is a gift. No one can be born without parents, and even if they’re not always what we would wish them to be, the fact remains they [...]


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