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Solving Problems With Integrity

Posted on 26 November 2020

Douglas Ross explore the links between problems, growth and integrity; and the choice of whether to see your problems as a curse or a blessing.

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Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!

Posted on 22 August 2020

How many times have you regretted an impulsive action — but realized the error too late? How often have you found that, after jumping in like that, you maybe didn’t get the whole story or see the complete picture? Are you obsessed with the feeling that you need to do something, so you shut down collecting information in favor of acting on the little you already know — or think you do. Peter Vajda has some important questions to ask anyone with a knee-jerk, reactive response to engage in some way, rather than take enough time to listen first.

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How Far Have Today’s Women Come?

Posted on 11 August 2020

While not necessarily perfect, today’s corporations do in fact offer far greater opportunities for women to achieve influential leadership positions than any other time in our history. And these trends seem as though they will continue. But, as with anything else, don’t wait for society or a corporation to ‘make things right’ on their own. Take responsibility for your circumstances and proactively request what you genuinely believe you deserve.

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Those @!$##*!! ‘Loser’ Lanyards

Posted on 06 August 2020

Kath Lockett can’t stand the thought of wearing her ID card on a lanyard around her neck and joining all the other ‘lanyard losers’. But even she has to give in eventually. So much for being a contrarian!

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How to deal with the unexpected

Posted on 30 July 2020

The Prussian general Von Moltke famously said that no plan survives contact with the enemy. There doesn’t need to be a literal enemy for this to be true of other sectors also. The real challenge for an organization is how it deals with the unexpected, bearing in mind that the unexpected is the one thing that always happens. These days, most organizations, with their cultures of central command and micro-management, don’t deal with it very well. John Fletcher explains one reason why.

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When it’s right to fight

Posted on 18 July 2020

Many managers, supervisors and employees have become conflict-averse. The corporate culture demands an environment where all are in agreement, always smiling and saying “yes”. Yet all leaders have a responsibility to foster dissent in the organization, since conflict is the genesis of creativity. It’s also how you get people engaged. No conflict, no passion; all that ‘niceness’ leaves people feeling little or no interest in the outcome.

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Physical Antidotes to Stress

Posted on 08 July 2020

In Part 3 of her series of tips on how to de-stress yourself and manage demands in all areas of your life, Kath Lockett looks at steps 6, 7 and 8: eating only quality food, learning to meditate, and blowing your cares away through cardio-vascular exercise. These are all good ways to find better physical, as well as mental, balance and clear out the stress hormones your body will have created when stress comes along.

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Are You a Firecracker or a Dud?

Posted on 04 July 2020

Does your leading, managing and supervising performance and behavior provide cause for celebration on this Fourth of July? Here’s a not-quite-lighthearted quiz from Peter Vajda to help you find out.

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Look to Become a Leader

Posted on 03 July 2020

The three essential steps in leadership can all be defined by the act of looking: first within, then to the future, and finally behind, to see who is willing to follow you. Do this, again and again, and you won’t go far wrong.


The ‘Five O’clock Walk of Shame’

Posted on 02 July 2020

Life in the 21st Century should be getting easier to manage, not harder. Our working hours have increased in line with jobs being vacated but not filled, and employers expecting overtime as the norm instead of the exception. All of which is leaving us with less time for anything else but work. Do we have to stick with this gloomy way of living? Maybe there is another way.

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