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The cancer of short-term thinking

Posted on 28 September 2020

Western capitalism is fighting a form of business cancer. And the most virulent form of it is short-termism.
In physical cancer, some cells go haywire and turn viciously against the body. This is also what happens when certain core beliefs are perverted or taken to extremes.
Some examples—the beliefs that:

greed is good (Hollywood simplification).
individual pursuit of [...]


Right Attention

Posted on 27 September 2020

Another basic principle of Slow Leadership
Fragmented, distracted attention is the curse of today‚€™s workplaces. People are continually interrupted by phone calls, emails, instant messaging, meetings, and all manner of people demanding instant attention. The result is frustration and exhaustion, while nothing is ever properly completed. Since how you direct your attention controls what you [...]


Playing the game of consequences to win

Posted on 26 September 2020

Why change is mostly a simple process of cause and effect
It‚€™s amazing how little attention people pay to the simple process of cause and effect. There‚€™s a common saying that the best definition of insanity is, ‚€œDoing the same thing again and again, while expecting the outcome to change.‚€Ě By that definition, maybe the majority [...]

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How to choose the right tempo for what you must do

Posted on 25 September 2020

A reminder of one of the basic ideas of Slow Leadership
It‚€™s a while since I have written about the eight basic principles of the Slow Leadership approach to life and work. Over the next few weeks, I propose to revisit each one. Today, I will begin with the idea of ‚€œright tempo.‚€Ě
There is a [...]

Whatever happened to tolerance?

Posted on 24 September 2020

Why we need to resurrect an unfashionable virtue
Tolerance is an unfashionable virtue today, especially in parts of American society. Oddly, it‚€™s often associated with weakness, where the opposite in true. To tolerate those who reject, refuse, or actively attack, your deepest beliefs and values takes enormous strength and unshakable faith in what you believe. Show [...]

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Integrity versus convenience

Posted on 21 September 2020

Can you display integrity only when it suits you?
Many people believe that they practice integrity, yet also allow themselves to slip from that standard when that suits them better. Since a calm mind and a clear conscience are major buttresses against suffering workplace stress, anyone who aspires to practice Slow Leadership ought to ask [...]

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The Corner Post Principle

Posted on 20 September 2020

Deep convictions equal a strong you
The Corner Post Principle comes from wire fence building. The deeper you build your corner posts, the stronger the fence‚€™s foundation and thus you can stretch the fence farther.
Expert leaders with solid personal leadership insight view their character as their corner posts. This includes trustworthiness, honesty, collaboration over [...]

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What really is the bottom line?

Posted on 19 September 2020

Adding all the pluses and minuses honestly might produce a different picture
The almost universal assumption that ‚€œthe bottom line‚€Ě in business equals the net amount of profit is not correct. That‚€™s merely the accounting version—and generally accepted standards of accounting omit a great many elements of a business that carry significant weight in real terms. [...]

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Why a great deal of writing about work/life balance is sadly off the point

Posted on 18 September 2020

Work/life balance is NOT what you think
It‚€™s easy to assume working less will inevitably make you happier or that spending 60 hours or more each week working is BAD. What is bad is betraying your identity: working longer hours that fits who you are; pretending to be a hard-driven, achievement-oriented workaholic to win approval, when [...]

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If you want to be authentic, dare NOT to compare

Posted on 17 September 2020

Why comparisons can so easily lead you astray
Competition and comparison have become shibboleths of our society, but there are times when it makes sense not to compare—especially when the basis for comparison is wrong or distorted.
In today‚€™s society, comparison and competition have become so widely accepted as ‚€œgood‚€™ and ‚€œdesirable,‚€Ě that it seems almost a [...]


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