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Time and effort-saving ideas for busy people

Posted on 31 July 2020

However much you try to slow down and avoid activities that consume time and energy to no purpose, there will still be occasions when you are going to be busy and pressured. That’s a simple fact of modern organizational life. So how to deal with it?
Here are some ideas, taken from a wide range of [...]

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Getting comfortable with control

Posted on 30 July 2020

The secret of staying in charge and relaxed is knowing what is controllable
We live in a world obsessed with control: monitoring, measuring, assessing, rating, every kind of controlling. Whenever something goes wrong, we look for who is to blame; who should have been in control and stopped the problem before it developed—but didn’t. This is [...]

News and Views: July 28th 2007

Posted on 28 July 2020

The manager who makes every little problem a three-alarm fire can burn your business
“Pyros are bosses who compulsively light one fire after another in their organizations. These constant emergencies are highly destructive. They waste time and resources while diverting attention from the important issues facing the business. Employees become too busy to do their regular [...]


Whole Foods, but not the whole truth?

Posted on 27 July 2020

Why truth matters more in business life than many currently believe.
Truthfulness is often an early casualty in the path of macho management. Such “soft” virtues as honesty and truthfulness are treated with disdain by hamburger managers, obsessed as they are with getting results and winning by any and all available means. This is a bad [...]

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Stress-busters: Being more detached

Posted on 26 July 2020

A potent source of stress is taking everything too personally. It’s easy to see criticism as a personal attack, or a setback as some kind of malice aimed directly at you. Neither viewpoint is going to help solve the problem. Both will send your stress levels soaring. Here’s an alternative.
I’m writing this article with a [...]

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Listing the sins of macho management

Posted on 25 July 2020

Despite its popularity, macho management has many severe drawbacks.
If macho management is not a sensible way to operate, it must be possible to show why. Organizations won’t be convinced by saying it’s unpleasant, so long as they believe that it works in their interests. Here’s why it doesn’t.
Macho management has become the norm because organizations [...]

How to find and recognize a civilized job

Posted on 24 July 2020

Guidelines for making sure that the place where you work is a place you will go on wanting to be.
Spotting the signs of undue pressure and macho management is useful, but, if you’re considering a job change or just starting out on a career, seeing when a job will be civilized is just as important. [...]

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Debunking today’s mythology of leadership

Posted on 23 July 2020

Why future generations will smile at our foolishness.
Each generation sees the myths and beliefs of earlier generations as comic and childish. Today, we can’t see how the Ancient Greeks ever believed in such obviously human-like gods as Zeus or Apollo, with their feuds, love affairs, and petty jealousies. The beliefs of medieval alchemists seem amazingly [...]


News and Views: July 21st 2007

Posted on 21 July 2020

Putting the ‘work’ into work/life balance
Here’s something that might amuse you, taken from a British magazine. Try this excerpt: “FROM THE HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT: Effective Immediately… SICK DAYS: We will no longer accept a doctor’s statement as proof of sickness. If you are able to go to the doctor, you are able to come to [...]


Making decisions . . . or telling stories?

Posted on 20 July 2020

Without sufficient time to think, people react by re-hashing the story of some past event.
Those who are too busy, too stressed, or too eager to jump into action are condemned to repeat the past with minor variations. Reaction replaces thought. That’s why so many needless mistakes are made and so many organizations today find themselves [...]


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