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Dissatisfied at work? Perhaps it’s you

Posted on 28 December 2020

Just about every month, there’s a new research report detailing the seemingly higher and higher degree of worker dissatisfaction. Whether it’s a Gallup poll or a Conference Board report, the results are strikingly similar — workers are becoming more and more dissatisfied with their work.

While the majority of “reasons” for dissatisfaction usually point to elements [...]

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Which path are you making through life?

Posted on 27 December 2020

New Year’s resolutions are easily made and even more easily abandoned. Yet only one is needed: to follow your own path in life, despite the difficulties this appears to offer. Anything else means either walking in your own footsteps — which must keep bringing you back to where you started — or trying to follow [...]


What’s it all about?

Posted on 21 December 2020

How “reference anxiety” can cripple you
(This guest post has been contributed by Peter G. Vajda, Ph.D, a founding partner of SpiritHeart, an Atlanta-based company that supports conscious living through coaching, counseling and facilitating.)
Many folks are “making a living” yet lack a sense of significance: a “meaning” in what they do. Rather than exploring the [...]

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The “Slow Guide” to making your own good luck

Posted on 20 December 2020

If your luck is mostly what you make it, how can you make it better?
I don’t believe in luck. Before you start pointing out all the times things happen entirely by luck, let me add that I definitely understand that chances — pure randomness — plays a major part in events, often the greatest part. [...]


How to make mistakes more intelligently

Posted on 19 December 2020

Six simple steps to making Conscious Incompetence work for you
In the previous posts in this series, I tried to explain the importance of Conscious Incompetence and how it can work to your advantage. Now it’s time to show you the key steps in turning the theory into practice.
Before I start, I want to reiterate that [...]


Plain sense about business today

Posted on 18 December 2020

Sometimes it takes no more than plain speaking to show exactly where business is going wrong today. This article by Bill Taylor, titled “Times Change —The Questions Remain the Same” hits the nail squarely on the head:
How can people expect to perform great inside their company unless they understand what makes their company great in [...]

Faking it as an epidemic

Posted on 18 December 2020

Are sincerity and trust simply economic tools?
Here’s a provocative question from Charles H. Green, in his article Faking It Doesn’t Make It: “Have we succeeded in faking sincerity so well that we have fooled ourselves?” It’s not just sincerity either. The whole business of “spin” is an elaborate exercise in faking it that began with [...]

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Conscious Incompetence: Your best friend when it comes to learning

Posted on 17 December 2020

When you make a mistake, thank your lucky stars
Conscious Incompetence is the action of doing something that you know that you cannot do properly, competently, or at all, for the purpose of learning or practicing how to do it better. It’s consciously and deliberately going out of your depth to learn how to swim well. [...]


Hamburger Management and “Physics-envy”

Posted on 17 December 2020

Management science isn’t scientific at all
Charles H. Green of “trust Matters” has a provocative piece today about sales, titled Why Your Sales Process Is Bad for Sales. What he writes can be applied much more widely to management as a whole, especially that slick, debased version known as Hamburger Management.
Here’s the crux of his piece:
Why [...]


Life is not fair, but it can be fabulous

Posted on 14 December 2020

(This guest posting is by Karen Senteio. You can find out more about her and her work at
Demanding fairness from the universe is a debilitating waste of effort
Do you spend time lamenting how unfair life is and how you got the short end of the stick? Are you sometimes stuck in this unproductive [...]


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